Kwik Seal vs Kwik Seal Plus: What’s the difference?

For new surfaces like a just-installed tub or backsplash, Kwik Seal and Kwik Seal Plus both got the job done, with Plus boasting better mold-fighting power. But when I needed to seal older, damp surfaces, only the pure silicone formula of Kwik Seal Plus had the flex and sealing power to finish first.

Kwik Seal vs Kwik Seal Plus

Kwik Seal vs Kwik Seal Plus: Specs & Uses

🌡️Application Temp

Kwik Seal: 40°F to 100°F

Kwik Seal Plus: 40°F to 120°F

🆚Water Ready Time

Kwik Seal: 24 hours

Kwik Seal Plus: 18 hours

🛠️Common Uses

Kwik Seal Can be used to patch small holes in walls measuring around half an inch wide; attach quarter rounds to the baseboard using small finishing nails; seal wood trim on a fiberglass tub.

Kwik Seal Plus is ideal for filling in cracks and spaces around toilets, shower bases, bathroom sinks, and kitchen sinks; Contains Microban technology to combat stain growth, odor-causing mold, and mildew.

Technical Info

DAP Kwik SealDAP Kwik Seal Plus
Review Rating★★★★★★★★★
Datasheet📥DAP Kwik Seal📥DAP Kwik Seal Plus
DescriptionAcrylic latex caulk that bonds like glue and seals like caulkSiliconized acrylic latex sealant with MoldGuard Technology
Application Temp40°F to 100°F40°F to 120°F
Mildew ResistanceCured caulk is mold & mildew resistantMoldGuard Technology inhibits mold & mildew growth
Coverage10.1 oz: 55 ft at 3/16″ bead
5.5 oz: 30 ft at 3/16″ bead
Same as Kwik Seal

So, all in all, the difference between them is much like the difference between quad and quad max, the latter has higher flexibility, strength, application temperature range, hardness, elongation, and tensile strength.

My Hands-on Test of Dap Kwik Seal

Dap Kwik Seal
I must say that the Kwik Seal Caulk is one of the easiest and most effective products I’ve used. It’s not intended for major renovation work, but it’s perfect for sealing old bathroom sinks.


I recently used the Kwik Seal for the trim around our bath and shower. We needed to reapply the caulk because the older layer in the house had disintegrated over time and developed mold.

Recaulk of a tub and surround. Scrape off the old, in comes the new Dap Kwik Seal
Recaulk of a tub and surround. Scrape off the old, in comes the new Dap Kwik Seal

Comfortable to Handle

I liked that Kwik Seal comes in a squeeze tube, which is smaller than most caulk guns. As a result, it was much easier to use and more comfortable to handle. If you’re using a caulk gun, you’ll need to cut the tip at an angle. It was easy to fill in the smaller crevices and cracks in our shower with the smaller tip.


So far, it seems to be holding up well, but only time will tell if it can withstand mold growth. Most caulk brands take about 24 hours to dry completely, according to the instructions. So I had to wait before using the shower again.

Shower Flange Cap

One great use I found for it is on the shower flange cap that wouldn’t stay against the wall. By applying this caulk around the cap and pressing it to the wall, I was able to attach the cap securely, preventing any native insects from entering.

It was relatively easy to work with, and if you make a mistake, you can quickly wash it off.


The caulk does the job of preventing leaks in my shower, but I must admit that it takes quite a bit of pressure to squeeze it out of the tube. If you’re only caulking a small area, it should work fine, but if you plan on using the entire tube, I recommend investing in a caulk gun for easier dispensing. Once it’s out of the tube, it performs as expected, and I haven’t experienced any leaks since applying it. That’s definitely a relief!

Dap Kwik Seal

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My Hands-on Test of Dap Kwik Seal Plus

Dap 18539 Kwik Seal Plus Kitchen and Bath All-Purpose Adhesive Caulk
I used Kwik Seal Plus to seal a faucet assembly to the basin in the bathroom and especially to cover up some ugly rust and porcelain chipping. It was a bit tricky at first as the rust wanted to stain the caulk, but after a few coats, it definitely looks a lot better than it did.

✅Pros: Dap Kwik Seal Plus

Dap Kwik Seal Plus in the bisque color was a great choice for an interior bathroom caulking and sealing job. Easy to install, good color match, and hasn’t leaked or cracked after months of use. I’d definitely recommend it.


My bathroom recently got some caulking done with Dap Kwik Seal Plus, and I’m really impressed. As I learned, bisque isn’t the same as biscuit – bisque is a pale, neutral off-white color. On the other hand, biscuit is more off-white with a hint of light tan.

Interior Use

I was wondering if this caulk could be used outside, but no, it’s strictly for interior use. However, it worked perfectly for my bathroom needs. I used it to re-caulk the quarter-inch gap between my bathtub and tile. Kwik Seal Plus filled that gap easily. One reviewer even used it for 3/8-inch gaps when installing shower splash guards, and it held up well.


If you’re planning to paint over it, white or clear caulk is better than bisque, most people seem to think. Since I didn’t have to paint over mine, it blended in nicely.

Seal Flawlessly

Once applied, the DAP caulk Dap 18539 Kwik Seal Plus Kitchen and Bath All-Purpose Adhesive Caulksealed flawlessly. It created a tight, watertight seal that I can trust to keep my bathroom fixtures protected for years to come. I especially appreciated its adhesive properties, as it effectively filled and concealed cracks in my bathroom walls. Unlike other products I’ve used in the past, this caulk has shown no signs of cracking or peeling, even after several weeks of use.

❌Cons: Dap Kwik Seal Plus

Keep in mind that the biscuit shade might be discontinued or hard to find. People said they couldn’t find the regular tube anywhere except online unless they ordered a “high gloss biscuit” version.

Dap 18539 Kwik Seal Plus Kitchen and Bath All-Purpose Adhesive Caulk