The Surebonder glue gun is a handy tool for DIY projects, crafts, and repairs around the home. When used properly, it can stick to a wide variety of surfaces with ease. However, like any tool, glue guns may unexpectedly stop functioning as they should from time to time. But, what if the Surebonder Glue Gun is not working?

Surebonder Glue Gun is Not Working
Before replacing your Surebonder glue gun, it’s worth taking some time to troubleshoot possible issues. Glue guns can become jammed or clogged, preventing the flow of heated adhesive. Other potential problems include electrical faults from older units. Understanding why your Surebonder may have quit will allow you to properly diagnose and fix the root cause.

In this guide, we will outline several common reasons a Surebonder glue gun might fail and how to remedy each situation. With some simple maintenance and repairs, you may be able to get your tool working like new again without needing to purchase a replacement.

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Surebonder Glue Gun is Not Working – All you need to know

I purchased this Surebonder Glue Gun as a temporary solution until I could afford a larger, more powerful one. However, I was pleasantly surprised by its exceptional quality and performance. Not only is it not too small, but it also works incredibly well. The design is perfectly ergonomic, fitting comfortably in my hand during extended crafting sessions. Its compact size makes it easy to store, taking up minimal space. Additionally, the inclusion of a convenient kickstand allows me to keep it upright when not in use.

Though I highly recommend it to anyone in need of a reliable and affordable option, I must mention that you might encounter situations when the Surebonder Glue Gun is not working.
Why Surebonder Glue Gun is Not Working

I’ve compiled questions raised by readers along with solutions in case you are caught in the same situation.

Reasons Why The Glue Gun is Not Working

  1. It’s not plugged🤣

    Sounds so funny but yeah, been there.
    The glue gun is not plugged
  2. Plunger isn’t pushing

    Your plunger isn’t pushing the glue down !!!
    glue gun fails to work because of the bad plunger

    Solution: push the end of the stick with your hand
  3. Warning: Left Side-Down

    When using a hot glue gun, do not leave it like this while it’s on
    a glue gun left side-down

    glue gun left sided

    Lesson learnt the hard way: burn+1, the room smelling like smoke+1
  4. The glue gun is plugged in but not heating up at all.

    Q: Can I use this in 240V Country?
    A: This gun is only rated and tested at 120V. It is not recommended to use 240V.

    If not working: The glue gun is only rated for 120V and is being used in a 240V country, overloading the heating element.
  5. The glue is melting but not coming out of the nozzle.

    Q: Once the glue stick is half melted and finished, how does the remaining glue still in the gun get melted?
    A: In order to use the remaining glue, you have to put a new glue stick in the gun in order to push the old glue out.

    If not working: The remaining glue from the previous stick is blocking the nozzle.
  6. The glue is not holding well on the glass.

    Q: I won’t have any problem if I use the hot glue in a glass centerpiece.
    A: I usually use liquid glue on glass; hot glue can be seen once it dries and on glass that is usually not something you want to see.

    If not working: Hot glue is not suitable for bonding to glass as it is visible once dried. Read More: Gorilla Glue is Not Working
  7. Glue flow is inconsistent.

    Sometimes you don’t have both hands free. especially if you’re holding something together or holding something open to get the glue inside it. Here is a small tip:
    how to have consistant glue for a glue gun

    If not working: The temperature is not high enough to properly melt the glue stick.
  8. The glue gun cannot be used outdoors.

    Q: Will high-temperature glue sticks hold up outside for a while?
    A: Check on it every so often to make sure none of the areas the glue has been applied to has separated from any surfaces.

    If not working: Hot glue adhesion may not withstand outdoor weather conditions long term.
  9. The glue gun cannot be used with wood projects.

    Q: I am attaching wood shingles to a roof for a miniature dollhouse I am building and then will be attaching siding. will this do the job?
    A: I’d suggest wood glue instead because it will be a smoother application.

    If not working: Hot glue may not provide a smooth bond or strong enough hold for wood projects.
  10. The glue gun cannot use full-size glue sticks.

    Q: Does it come with glue sticks?
    A: No, round mini glue sticks.

    If not working: The Surebonder gun is designed only for mini glue sticks, not full-size sticks.
  11. The glue gun cannot be used on fabrics.

    Q: Does it work well with fabrics?
    A: I thought so, unless…

    If not working: Hot glue may melt thin fabrics rather than bond them.
  12. The glue gun fails to bond to styrofoam.

    Q: Can I use this glue gun for styrofoam projects?
    A: I would say yes. it works just as well as any other hot glue gun It stuck my fingers together for a good minute so I’m sure styrofoam would not be a problem.

    If not working: Inadequate heat level to properly melt and bond glue to styrofoam.
  13. Glue gun too hot and melts materials.

    Q: Will this work for making baby bows etc., or will it get too hot and melt the ribbons?
    A: It will melt especially if they are thin plastic

    If not working: The temperature setting is too high and melting thin materials instead of just bonding.
  14. Glue gun cord too short for intended work area.

    Q: How long is the cord?
    A: I measured the cord and it is 5 foot long.

    If not working: A 5ft cord may not provide sufficient reach for some larger projects.

Troubleshooting a Non-Working Surebonder Glue Gun

Surebonder GM 160 Glue Gun

Now that you understand some potential causes, here are the steps to troubleshoot a Surebonder glue gun that has quit working:

  1. Check for Clogs

Remove and clean out the nozzle by soaking it in nail polish remover or a glue stick lubricant. Use a small pin or wire to clear any blockages deeper inside. Make sure the nozzle is fully dry before reinstalling.

  1. Inspect for Jammed Glue Sticks

Gently pull out any partially used glue sticks while the gun is cool. Clear any broken fragments. Try feeding a new stick smoothly.

  1. Test the Temperature

Give it 10-15 minutes to fully heat up on a flat, heat-resistant surface. The barrel should feel very warm all over. If not, there may be a heating element issue.

  1. Check Battery Power Levels

If battery-powered, replace batteries with a known good set. Use the charger if a charging port is available.

  1. Tighten Electrical Connections

For a cordless model, open the casing carefully and check wires aren’t loose or cracked where they connect inside.

  1. Replace the Nozzle

A last nozzle change is advisable if it’s seen heavy use. A new nozzle may clear lingering issues.

  1. Accept It’s Time for Repairs

If none of these steps work, it’s possible internal components need professional servicing or replacement. Consider repairs if still under warranty.

Common Surebonder Glue Gun Repairs

While you can perform basic troubleshooting and maintenance on a glue gun yourself, any internal repairs generally require experience working on small appliances. Here are some of the most common repairs a professional may need to perform on a Surebonder glue gun:

  • Replace the Heating Element
    This is one of the main components that fail over time due to repeated heating cycles. A qualified technician can easily swap in a new heating coil.
  • Service the Trigger Mechanism
    The trigger is subjected to constant motion and may need parts like springs or switch contacts replaced after heavy use.
  • Repair the Feed Mechanism
    If the glue stick drive system isn’t advancing sticks properly, worn gears, idlers, or the motor may need attention.
  • Install a New Thermostat
    An inaccurate thermostat is a common culprit when glue oozes out inconsistently. A new thermostat restores temperature control.
  • Recalibrate Temperature Dials
    Over time, settings can drift off causing issues like melted glue gun parts. Resetting the dial improves temperature accuracy.
  • Fix Loose Internal Connections
    Sometimes re-seating or soldering wires where they attach inside can resolve strange malfunctions.
  • Deep Cleaning Services
    For guns with severe blockages or burned-on residue inside, professionals have special chemical soak tanks for thorough sanitizing.

The cost of repairs varies depending on the specific problem and any needed replacement parts. It’s usually more affordable to fix small appliances than replace them if the issue isn’t too extensive. An authorized Surebonder service center can properly diagnose and mend all common glue gun ailments.

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Preventing Future Problems

To get the longest life from a Surebonder glue gun, observe some basic preventative maintenance tips:

  • Always allow it to cool fully before storing or changing glue sticks. Gently wiping away any drips also helps maintain performance.
  • Only use glue sticks specifically made for your model. Do not force improperly sized sticks into the feed mechanism.
  • Occasionally run an unwaxed glue stick “cleaning slug” all the way through to push out residue. Disconnect power first.
  • Routinely clean the exterior with a dry cloth. Avoid submerging the entire gun in liquid.
  • Store in a dust-free location away from temperature extremes when not in regular use.
  • Consider an annual checkup from a qualified technician to tighten components as needed. Early intervention prevents bigger issues.

With proper care and occasional tune-ups or repairs, a Surebonder glue gun can stay running smoothly for many years of creative projects. Don’t assume it’s permanently broken at the first sign of trouble – there are usually simple fixes that can get it working again. With a little troubleshooting know-how, you’ll be back gluing in no time!