Wallpaper paste vs Mod Podge: any difference?

(Zinsser Suregrip) Wallpaper Paste sticks to the wall immediately upon application and does not noticeably shrink the wallpaper; Unless your art is so heavy that you need the best glue for mirror to wood, Mod Podge serves as an adhesive and will work for attaching a picture to wood.

Wallpaper Paste vs Mod Podge

Wallpaper Paste vs Mod Podge: Specs & Uses

🧪Product Type

Wallpaper Paste: Adhesive for hanging wallpaper

Mod Podge: Epoxy resin for mold making and casting

🆚Key Features

Wallpaper Paste: Prevents mold/mildew growth under wallpaper, easy to apply and clean up

Mod Podge: Low odor, low viscosity for easy mixing and pouring

🛠️Common Uses

Wallpaper Paste is perfect for hanging wallpaper, whether it’s traditional wallpaper or peel-and-stick varieties; covering the ends of cabinets with heavy beadboard wallpaper; or Lincrusta paper installation.

Mod Podge is ideal for sealing painted designs on various craft projects; adding a touch of sparkle to mason jars, and picture frames; stiffen fabrics for certain decorative purposes.

Technical Info

Wallpaper PasteMod Podge
Total Score★★★★★★★★★
Datasheet📥Zinsser SureGrip Wallpaper Paste📥Mod Podge
Solids Content45% by weight, 42% by volume100% (single component)
VOC Content<10 g/LNot provided
ViscosityNot provided11,000-14,000 cps
Flash Point>200°F266.6°C
SurfacesWalls, ceilingsMolds and casting surfaces

My Hands-on Test of (Zinsser Suregrip) Wallpaper Paste

Zinsser Suregrip Wallpaper Paste
I found this paste incredibly easy to use for basic wallpaper hanging. If you follow the instructions, it’s pretty foolproof.
Once it’s dry, it fully adheres the paper, but it can also be removed easily if needed.
Zinsser Suregrip is great for any wallpaper project around the house – it makes it so easy!

✅Pros: Wallpaper Paste

Hanging wallpaper with Zinsser Suregrip Wallpaper Paste is a breeze! I used one bucket for about 1 double roll of wallpaper, so it goes a long way if you’re doing a small project. The larger gallon size would be better for bigger jobs.

Using Zinsser wallpaper paste to cover up this wallpaper ready for painting

Using Zinsser wallpaper paste to cover up this wallpaper ready for painting,love there product range. Best in there field!🤙🏽🤙🏽

Let’s start with the coverage. You’ll want a gallon bucket for bigger projects, which is the same price at places like Lowe’s and Home Depot. I only used about half the bucket for my 4 double rolls.

It was a breeze to apply. Smooth and creamy, this paste spreads evenly and goes on really smoothly. I was surprised by how little smell there was. My daughter helped out no problem. To apply it, we used a sponge roller wrapped in saran wrap.

It holds the wallpaper really well, but you can reposition it before it fully dries if you need to. I followed the instructions on the tub and the drying time was perfect. It was firmly stuck within a couple hours.

I was a little worried about using it over my old wallpaper, but it worked great. This paste will grab onto the old stuff as long as it’s stuck down well. After two months, no problems.

I also loved how easy it was to clean up. If any extra paste got on the walls, just wipe it off with a damp cloth or sponge before it dries. There’s no residue or staining.

I couldn’t be happier with how smoothly this project went using Zinsser Suregrip. Hanging wallpaper seemed so intimidating before, but now it’s a breeze. There’s no odor, it’s easy to work with, and it does an amazing job adhering the paper cleanly. I’m already joking with my family that I’ll want to wallpaper the whole house now! It’s the best wallpapering product I’ve ever used. Easy application, great hold, and simple cleanup – what more could you want?

❌Cons: Wallpaper Paste

This isn’t for things like sticking tiles or panels to the wall, it’s for wallpaper. It was just too heavy a material for this lighter adhesive. I made that mistake initially when I tried it for some 3D panels. You’ll be fine if you stick to wallpaper!

Zinsser Suregrip Wallpaper Paste

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My Hands-on Test of Mod Podge

Mod Podge CS11301 Waterbase Sealer, Glue and Finish, 8 Oz, Matte
Whether you need an adhesive, sealer or decorative finish, reach for Mod Podge! This versatile craft supply is a must-have for papercrafters, mixed media artists and DIYers of all types.

✅Thick Layer of Glitter

First off, Mod Podge is amazing for applying glitter, sequins or other embellishments. I recently covered my old IKEA side table with a thick layer of glitter using Mod Podge as the adhesive.

After letting it dry, I applied several topcoat layers and the glitter still sparkles vibrantly – no dulling at all! I’ve even used it to make glitter phone cases for my iPhone 13 Pro. While some glitter inevitably falls off with handling, a few topcoats really lock it in place.

modpodged an old book to the wall as wallpaper

modpodged an old book to the wall as wallpaper

Decoupaging is a breeze with Mod Podge. Want to apply printed photos, scrapbook papers or tissue paper to surfaces? This is your product. I recently decoupaged an old Ball mason jar with pages from a vintage cookbook – perfection!

Just be sure to use the Hard Coat formula if you need an extra durable, dishwasher-safe finish, like for my decoupaged FIESTA dinnerware set.

Matte Medium vs. Mod Podge

Matte Medium vs. Mod Podge: Secure Inkjet Printed Images, Wood Panel & Leather Works

Sealing is another forte of Mod Podge. I’ve used it to seal permanent marker designs on wood surfaces like my refurbished CAROLINA CRAFT butcher block countertops. Just be sure to do the marker designs first, then topcoat with Mod Podge.

It also works great as a sealer over other porous materials like unglazed ceramics, terra cotta pots from my CHALK + MOSS collection, and even gold leaf (though for high moisture areas like bathrooms, I’d recommend a dedicated gold leaf sealer).

Yes Paste vs. Mod Podge

Yes Paste vs. Mod Podge: Crafting, Artistic, Bond Wallpaper, Scrapbook & Decoupage Projects, Diamond Painting

I’ve had good results using Mod Podge to seal inkjet printed photos too. Just apply a nice even topcoat and it protects them well.

In terms of application, I usually apply two coats about 30 minutes apart, though drying times can vary. One 8oz bottle covers a good amount of surface area – I only needed one bottle for those six terra cotta pots I decoupaged.

Mod Podge CS11301 Waterbase Sealer

❌Some Don’ts

Mod Podge is not foodsafe, so avoid using it on anything that will contact food or beverages directly like mugs, plates, etc. It’s also not intended for submerging in water or moisture exposure like shaker charms. And while it can adhere lightweight embellishments, it won’t permanently bond vinyl to plastic surfaces or act as a strong adhesive for other non-porous materials like EPO foam.

I’m not sure how it reacts with polymer clay, so I would test that application first before using it on an important project. You also can’t use it to seal concrete, as it’s a water-based glue not intended for that.