White Tack Vs. Blu Tack: With so many potential use cases, from hanging posters to securing wires, it can be tricky to know which tack excels. To help you pick the perfect tack and ensure your next task sticks, we’ll break down the pros, cons, and ideal applications of these two unsung sticky heroes.

White Tack Vs. Blu Tack
You’ll get the nitty-gritty details on tack stats and sticking power so you can adhesive-ly achieve any project without coming unglued.

White Tack Vs. Blu Tack: What’s The Difference?

Throughout the years, I have consistently chosen and favored UHU White Tack above all others.

testing new white tack
testing new white tack

Thankfully, it does not leave any stains on the wallpaper, unlike the blue tacky alternative.

White TackBlu Tack
Datasheet📥White Tack📥Blu Tack
Product TypeAdhesive putty stripsAdhesive putty strips
OdorCharacteristicNot specified
Specific GravityNot specifiedApprox. 1.9
Physical FormSolidPutty strips
Chemical TypeA mixture of waxes, plasticizers, and fillersSynthetic polymer base
Solids Content100%100%
SolubilityInsoluble in waterInsoluble in water
ApplicationsHolding posters, photos, office supplies, decorations, etc.Same applications as White Tack
SurfacesRecommended for non-porous surfaces like vinyl, glass, metalRecommended for non-porous surfaces like vinyl, painted surfaces, glass, metal
LimitationsNot for use on absorbent or porous surfacesNot for absorbent, silk screen printed or hand stenciled wallpaper or porous brickwork
StorageStore at room temperatureStore away from heat, oxidizing agents, and acids
Shelf LifeNot specified5 years if stored in room/indoor conditions
ToxicityNon-toxicNon-harmful, does not contain latex
MSDS AvailableYesYes
UsesSecuring Paper Decorations: White Tack is ideal for attaching paper decorations, such as banners, cutouts, and streamers, to walls. Whether it’s for a birthday party, office celebration, or festive event, you can rely on this product to hold your decorations securely in place without leaving any stains on the walls.

Hanging Posters and Art Prints: If you want to display posters, art prints, or motivational quotes on your walls, White Tack serves as a convenient solution. It allows you to affix lightweight posters and prints without damaging the paint or wallpaper, providing a hassle-free way to decorate your living space or workspace.

Organizing Notepads and Stationery: With White Tack, you can keep your notepads, sticky notes, and other stationery items organized and easily accessible. Simply attach the product to a horizontal surface, such as a desk or table, and stick your stationery items to it. This way, you’ll have a neat and tidy workspace without the risk of losing important notes.

Securing Lightweight Objects: If you have small decorative items like vases, knick-knacks, or figurines that tend to shift or topple over, White Tack can provide a reliable way to keep them in place. Stick the product to the desired surface and attach the lightweight objects securely, ensuring they remain stable and well-positioned.

Creating Temporary Displays: Whether you’re setting up a temporary art exhibition, showcasing product samples, or organizing a visual display, White Tack can be your go-to choice. Its easy-to-use nature allows you to quickly set up and rearrange displays as needed, providing flexibility and versatility for various temporary exhibition purposes.

Preventing Splashes and Messes: If you have specific areas where splashes or messes are a concern, such as behind pet cages or in kitchens, this product can be helpful. Attach a lightweight plastic sheet or tablecloth to the wall using White Tack, ensuring that any splashes or messes are contained and do not damage the underlying paint or wallpaper.
Hanging Posters: Blue-Tack is ideal for temporarily hanging posters and artwork on walls. It provides a secure hold without damaging the walls or the posters.

Securing Lightweight Objects: You can use Blue-Tack to secure lightweight objects, such as plastic tea lights, to various surfaces. It offers long-lasting adhesion and is particularly useful for upside-down applications.

Cable Management: Blue-Tack can be utilized to secure wires to the floor and baseboards, helping with cable management and keeping them organized and out of the way.

Speaker Installation: When setting up speakers, Blue-Tack can be used to hold them in place on speaker stands or other surfaces. It provides stability and reduces vibrations, enhancing the audio experience.

Temporary Decorations: If you want to add temporary decorations to your living space, Blue-Tack can be used to attach lightweight items like garlands, streamers, or balloons to walls or other surfaces.

Classroom and Office Use: Blue-Tack is a convenient alternative to adhesive tapes or pins in classrooms and offices. It can be used to hang posters, artwork, or notes without damaging walls or surfaces.

Home Organization: Blue-Tack can help with organizing small items, such as keys, jewelry, or small tools. It can be used to secure them to surfaces like the inside of drawers or the back of cabinets.

Photography and Film Production: Blue-Tack is often used in photography and film production to secure props, hold reflectors, or position small objects in a scene, providing flexibility and easy removal without leaving residue.

White Sticky Tack Vs. Blue Adhesive Putty


📝 My Hands-on Test of UHU White Tack

UHU White Tack
I stumbled upon this incredible product. It has become an essential tool for assembling and securing my miniatures in the dollhouse scenes. It functions perfectly, providing a secure hold without leaving any residue behind.

One of the things that impressed me the most about this adhesive is its strength. It effectively keeps my collectible pieces in place, ensuring they don’t budge. However, what sets it apart is its easy removability. If I ever want to change the arrangement or switch things up, it comes off effortlessly without causing any damage to my precious minis. This feature was particularly important to me, and this adhesive exceeded my expectations.

✅Pros: White Tack

Although I primarily use it for my dollhouses, I have no doubt that this adhesive would excel in other applications as well.

The adhesive I purchased turned out to be even better than I anticipated. It wasn’t as tacky as I initially expected, which was a pleasant surprise. Previously, I struggled with miniature table legs constantly falling off, but this adhesive solved that problem entirely.

Another advantage of this adhesive is its appearance. Unlike traditional blue tack, this one is white, blending in seamlessly with my white shelves. It’s a small detail, but it makes a significant difference, especially when it comes to aesthetics.

Furthermore, I’ve discovered that this adhesive surpasses any other removable adhesive I’ve used in the past. I frequently rely on it for creating bulletin boards and hanging posters. Its performance has been exceptional, making my tasks easier and more efficient.

I can confidently say that it effectively keeps pictures straight on the wall. Crooked pictures bother me, as I have a bit of a type “A” personality, and this adhesive has proven to be a reliable solution.

sticking a glass eye on the wall with white tack
Apart from dollhouses and wall decor, this adhesive has proven its versatility. I’ve found it to be ideal for temporarily posting items without damaging the walls or leaving any marks. For instance, I’ve used it to stick up plastic tablecloths behind my birdcages, ensuring no fruit or juice splashes onto the walls.

In my crafting endeavors, this adhesive has become an invaluable aid. I use it to attach the bases of miniatures to corks and empty paint bottles, making it easier for me to paint them. It provides a secure hold throughout the painting process but remains easy to remove once I’m finished.

To my delight, this adhesive has outperformed the blue alternative when it comes to securing small items while painting. I’ve achieved better adhesion and peace of mind knowing that my work won’t come undone unexpectedly.

❌Cons: White Tack

However, I did encounter a minor issue when using it on a clean wall to hang up a single-layer poster. It tended to drop down despite my efforts. I hope future improvements will address this particular challenge, as I believe it has great potential to surpass the traditional blue tack.

UHU White Tack

Does White Tack Stain Walls?

Throughout the years, I have consistently chosen and favored UHU White Tack above all others. Thankfully, it does not leave serious stains on the wallpaper, unlike the blue tacky alternative. Sadly, I have to mention that there might be minor stains on the wall if you are “critical” enough. Take a look at the following photos where I use whiite tack to put up picture frames:

white tack leaves minor residue on walls
Be careful in case your landlady goes nuts.

Kindly Reminder: Buy Velcro strips in future NO marks left go by size can hold good amount of weight try hot water laundry soda for marks clean wall at same time very cheap

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2 reviews

  • Will using Blu Tack damage the poster if it doesn't damage the wall? Are there any other ways it can cause damage to the poster?

    • When I used the laminated posters with Blu Tack, it didn't cause any damage to either the posters or the walls. However, it didn't hold them securely and they eventually slipped off the wall. The adhesive stretched between the walls and the poster, similar to how gum stretches when pulled.

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FAQ of UHU White Tack

Q: Can UHU White Tack cause damage to my paint?

A: I have only used UHU White Tack on window sills, and it has not caused any harm to the paint.

Q: What is the weight capacity of UHU White Tack?

A: The weight capacity is not substantial; it is not sufficient for holding framed photos, clothes hooks, and similar items. UHU White Tack is specifically designed for attaching paper decorations, posters, and similar lightweight objects to walls, or for securing items on horizontal surfaces such as notepads, vases, and other small items. Personally, I use it in my bird room to affix a lightweight plastic tablecloth to the wall behind the cage, preventing any splashes or messes from reaching the paint and wallpaper.

Q: How many pages are included in each pack?

A: Each pack contains a total of 2 pages.

📝 My Hands-on Test of Blu Tack

Blu Tack
I first came across Blu Tack when a fellow artist recommended it to me, claiming it was even better than a kneaded eraser. They specifically suggested getting the original brand of blue tack. Intrigued, I decided to give it a try. What I discovered was a versatile tool that could be molded into any shape, perfect for making small fixes in my sketches. I could easily roll it into a ball and glide it over my sketch to lighten the lines before painting. Little did I know, this product would prove useful beyond the realm of art.

One day, I encountered a problem with my wobbly glass desk surface. Seeking a simple solution, I took a small piece of blue tack and rolled it up, placing it under one corner of the glass. To my surprise, it provided the stability I needed. This incredible adhesive material came in handy for various purposes. I used it to hang up my artwork, secure a wobbly lamp for better balance, and even remove dirt and dust from my keyboard and work area. It was a versatile tool that never failed to impress.


What I love most about this blue tack is its adhesive properties. Whenever I need to erase or remove graphite, it’s readily available and reliable. I’ve even used it to secure my pencil to my sketchbook, ensuring it doesn’t get misplaced. Playing with the blue tack in my hands has become a therapeutic activity, and even my four-year-old child has taken an interest in it, often stealing some and playing with it for hours.

The pack comes with five sticks, which is quite generous. Each stick is a good size, and I can easily get three large erasers out of one stick. It’s more than enough to last a while, although I’ve already gone through my second pack due to my kids misplacing it everywhere. Despite that, I still find it worth the buy.

Blu Tack holding small things on the wall.webp
In fact, I’ve come up with numerous other uses for it. It works well for cleaning out my makeup bag, removing powdered eyeshadow or glitter. I’ve even used it in my car to tackle dust and food residue in hard-to-reach places. The possibilities seem endless, though I would advise disposing of it if used for cleaning something particularly unpleasant.

In addition to my personal experiences, I’ve also come across reviews from other users. One person mentioned using the blue tack to hang a backdrop for their daughter’s birthday party, as they were unable to use traditional taks or tape in their rented space. They were impressed with how well it worked and how easily it could be applied and removed without leaving any residue. Another user mentioned using it to hold the edges of their curtains to the wall, preventing them from flapping around due to a fan. It’s clear that this product has a wide range of applications beyond just art-related uses.


While the blue tack excels in many areas, there are instances where it may not be the best option. For example, someone mentioned using it for diamond painting but found it troublesome to get it into the pen tip. Additionally, its soft texture caused it to squish out of the sides, making it less effective at picking up and securely holding diamonds. However, it’s important to note that this is not its intended purpose, so it wouldn’t be fair to deduct points for these specific use cases.

Blu Tack

FAQ of Blu Tack

Q: If I use Blu Tack to hang something over a window to reduce heat, how well does it hold up under high temperatures?

A: I’ve had success using Blu Tack to secure pea-sized balls under speakers on a 4-corner speaker stand top plate. Once pressed down, it provides a stronghold for 20lb speakers. Additionally, when I filled the stands with sand, the Blu-Tack worked effectively in holding the speakers. However, I can’t guarantee its performance under extreme heat conditions, especially if the jar is exposed to direct sunlight. Just make sure not to get the adhesive near the switch or battery compartment, as it may cause mechanical and electrical issues.

Q: If I apply Blu Tack to walls and later remove it, will it strip off the paint?

A: I once used Blu Tack on my wall temporarily, and it didn’t strip off the paint. However, removing the tack from the wall requires a slow and careful approach. I would recommend using alien tape if you want a more reliable hold. Check it here: reviews for alien tape. It’s important to note that the outcome may vary depending on the type of paint on your wall. In my case, the wall had a glossy coating, so I cannot speak for its effect on matte coatings.

Q: Can I use Blu Tack to stick a plastic tea light to the underside of a metal lid, even if the tea light is upside down? Will it provide long-lasting adhesion?

A: If the plastic tea light is an LED and lightweight, it should work well for your purpose. LED tea lights don’t generate heat, except for environmental factors like direct sunlight. Just be cautious not to get the adhesive in the switch or battery compartment, as it could lead to mechanical and electrical issues. Under normal circumstances, the adhesive should hold up effectively.

Q: Is Blue-Tack suitable for hanging record albums on the wall?

A: While it might be possible to use Blue-Tack for this purpose, it could potentially damage the album jacket. I would recommend framing and hanging the records instead to ensure their safety.

Q: Will Blue-Tack stain speakers in the long term?

A: I haven’t noticed any stains on my painted walls caused by Blue-Tack. However, the only items I have seen it leave marks on are posters and other paper items. Therefore, I cannot guarantee there won’t be any staining on speakers. It’s always a good idea to exercise caution when using adhesive on delicate surfaces.

Q: Can Blue-Tack secure wires to the floor and baseboards effectively?

A: Absolutely! I have successfully used Blue-Tack to secure interconnect cables from my amplifier to the subwoofer along the top of the baseboard. The adhesive is not visible once applied.

Q: Will one package of Blue-Tack be sufficient to hold four speakers, each with a base measuring 8.5 inches deep and 7 inches wide, weighing around 9 pounds?

A: The amount of Blue-Tack required depends on the surface you’re using it on. Each package contains four pieces measuring 8.8 x 4.2 inches. If your surface is flat and the speakers won’t be tilted excessively, or if you have some edge to catch the speakers, one package should be more than enough. However, it would be helpful to provide more information about the specific usage scenario, such as the surface the speakers will rest upon and whether they will be tilted or secured using additional means like blocks, clamps, or screws.