Are you tired of the same old boring walls? Want to add some spice and excitement to your living space? LED strip lights are a popular choice for homeowners looking to elevate their home decor game. However, the thought of damaging their painted walls can be a cause for concern. So, how to stick LED strip lights on the wall without damaging paint?

If you’re one of those homeowners, fret not, as we’ve got you covered! In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to attach LED strip lights to your walls without leaving a single scratch. You don’t have to be an electrician or a DIY expert to pull this off. All you need is a little bit of patience and determination.

How to Stick LED Strip Lights on Wall Without Damaging Paint? (With Adhesive)

So, buckle up and get ready to transform your living space with some dazzling LED strip lights!

We’ll provide you with a step-by-step guide, crucial tips, and considerations so your LED light installation project is a resounding success.

Total Time: 30 minutes

Make sure the wall is clean

wipe dirts from the wall to Stick LED Strip Lights on Wall

Cleaning the wall with isopropyl alcohol and a dry cloth is crucial to ensuring the LED strip lights adhere properly. 
The purpose of this step is to remove grease and dust that may interfere with adhesion.

Put adhesive promoter on the surface

Applying Adhesive Promoter to the surface of the wall

LED strips can benefit from this step, but it is not a mandatory step. Be sure to apply it sparingly.

Put the LED strips in place

sticking LED Strip Lights onto the wall, bright color

The LED strip lights are ready to be stuck on the wall. The strip is easily applied to your wall by peeling off its backing and gently pressing it in place. Some Strips are not self-adhesive, so use removable wall tape. I’ll explain it in the next section.


  • LED Strip Lights
  • Scissors
  • Isopropyl Alcohol


  • Dry Cloth
  • Adhesive Promoter
  • Light Clips

Materials: removable wall tape

💭 Important Tips and Considerations and what adhesive to Use?

I have tried a variety of different adhesives, including silicone adhesive, double-sided tape, and mounting putty. I have also tried a variety of different methods of application, including using a roller, a squeegee, and a putty knife.

After testing all of these methods, I have found that the best way to stick LED strip lights on walls with adhesive is to use a removable wall tape and a roller. The removable wall tape is strong and durable, and the roller helps to spread the adhesive evenly and create a smooth surface.

Most importantly, it leaves no residue on the wall paint. It works as efficiently as alien tape on painted walls.

EZlifego Removable Wall Tape

I was amazed at how strong this tape is. I read a review where someone claimed it could hold the pyramids together, and they were right. I’ve used it to stick LED strip lights, accent lighting, and even lightweight floating shelves.

How to Stick LED Strip Lights on Wall Without Damaging Paint? Use EZlifego Removable Wall Tape

I used this tape to re-install a Phillips Hue light strip on the back of our TV. Worked even better than the 3M tape the Lightstrip came with when we first installed it on our old TV. The lights aren’t going anywhere. Very sticky. Easy to work with.

used this tape to re-install a Phillips Hue light strip on the back of our TV

I also tried to figure out what to hang up on the walls (just for fun), and I genuinely could not figure out where I put the tape. It’s that good. I don’t know how this stuff works because when you touch it, it’s not super sticky. But it creates a bond that cannot be broken. I would highly recommend this tape, especially if you’re a renter and don’t want to damage the walls.

One potential downside is that the protective layer can be difficult to remove from the sticky part, which can be frustrating. However, once you figure out how to use it, the tape works great. Just make sure to clean both surfaces well before applying the tape. I use rubbing alcohol to ensure a clean surface.

If you decide to use this tape, read my experience. I pulled the strip lights slowly enough, and the sticky tape came off without pulling the paint off the wall. You can also heat from a hair dryer or heat gun (on low and in short bursts) to remove the tape without damaging the paint.