March 23, 2024 7:25 am

Finally We have our roof fan installed!

This process (TBA) had me feeling pretty nervous but finally finished. 🪚 we used Sikaflex 227, butyl tape, and screws. next, we will be installing the plywood floor 😊

finally installed roof fan on RV

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We converted our 4 transit into a camper van and we installed the roof van.

First we made a cardboard template to trace on top of the roof. Then we put masking tape and drilled holes in each corner,so it’s easier to cut. Making that first cut was so stressful.

made a cardboard template to trace on top of the roof

Had to file the edges to make sure they were all smooth.

I got the screws and now we can start pre-drilling the holes to put in the fan. After the holes were drilled, we cleaned it up and painted over it to prevent any rust in the future.

cleaned it up and painted over it

After the paint was dry, we started putting down the butyl tape. This creates a barrier and prevents any gaps between the fan and the panel. It also stops any water coming in which is super important.

putting down the butyl tape

After a couple of layers of that, it was time to put the sticker flex on. We ended up using sticker Flex 227 because that’s what most people were recommending.

Now it’s finally time to put the fan in. So I went inside and grabbed the cables while pushing it down. Then we put in all the screws that came with it and then started to put second flex around the edges.

put second flex around the edges

After that, we smooth to all out making sure that there were no air bubbles.

And then finally we are finished. It feels so good to have this done. The next step is sticking down the floor.

Roof Fan Installed!

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