3M Spray Adhesive 45 vs 77: Have you ever found yourself standing in the craft store aisle trying to decide between 3M’s spray adhesives 45 and 77?

3M Spray Adhesive 45 vs 77
I’ve been there many times! Both seem so similar that it’s tough to know which is the right one for your project.

Well, I just read a great article that breaks down the key differences between the two adhesives. It really helped clear things up for me, so I wanted to give you a quick overview.

3M Spray Adhesive 45 vs 77: What’s The Difference?

The key difference between 3M Spray Adhesive 45 vs 77 is:

Spray 45 is generally used for small craft and paper projects, while Spray 77 is better suited for heavier materials like wood, leather, and burlap.

For example: for binding rubber weatherstripping to wood, I would recommend using Spray 77 instead of Spray 45.

Datasheet📥3M Spray Adhesive 45📥3M Spray Adhesive 77
DescriptionGeneral-purpose spray adhesiveHigh tack, fast-drying mist spray adhesive
Key Features– Bonds lightweight materials like paper, cardboard, foam, felt– Bonds lightweight materials like foils, carpeting, paper, cardboard, felt, cloth
Odor– Low odor– Meets CARB/OTC VOC requirements
Drying– Fast drying– Helps contribute to LEED credits
Apply– Easy to apply– GREENGUARD certified
BaseSynthetic rubber and resinsSynthetic elastomer
Solids Content20-25%19.4%
Density6.59 lbs/gal6.6 lbs/gal
ViscosityNot specifiedNot applicable (mist)
VOC Content<60%<25%
CARB CompliantNoYes
LEED EligibleNoYes
Coverage150 sq ft/can99 sq ft/can
Spray PatternWebMist
Dry Time2-5 mins15-30 secs
Bonding Range10 secs to 1 hr15 secs to 30 mins
Shear StrengthNot specified205°F failure temp
Flammable SolventYesYes
Flammable PropellantYesYes
UsesRecovering a lampshade: 3M Spray Adhesive 45 can be used to securely attach burlap fabric to a lampshade, providing a flame-resistant bond once fully cured. It ensures a safe and durable application that won’t pose any flammability issues when exposed to a light bulb.

Upholstery projects: It is highly compatible with foam and fabric. It can be used to bond foam with batting, preventing slipping, bunching, or coming unglued. Whether you’re working on chairs, sofas, or other upholstered furniture, it provides a reliable adhesive solution.

Temporary wall decorations: If you’re renting a space and want to avoid damaging the walls, 3M Spray Adhesive 45 offers a solution for temporary wall decorations. By applying foam or other lightweight materials using it and protecting the walls with contact paper, you can easily remove the decorations without causing any damage.

Professional foam installation: When working with foam tiles or acoustic panels, 3M Spray Adhesive 45 is effective for adhering to walls or other surfaces. It provides a strong bond and allows for easy removal without damaging the paint, especially when combined with the use of contact paper.
Insulation Installation: The adhesive can be used to attach bat insulation to sheet metal or bonding gaskets in water pumps. It provides a strong bond for insulation materials, ensuring they stay securely in place.

Wall Coverings: When installing wall coverings or wallpapers, Super 77 can aid in bonding them to various surfaces, including drywall, providing a reliable and long-lasting attachment.

Repairing Tears and Rips: If you have a tear in a memory foam mattress topper or other foam-based products, this adhesive can be used to repair them. It provides a strong bond that can withstand regular use.

Arts and Crafts: Super 77 can be used in various arts and crafts projects, such as bonding paper, fiber mesh, or plastic drywall corner beading. It offers a fast tack, allowing for quick and secure bonding.

📝 My Hands-on Test of 3M Spray Adhesive 45

3M Spray Adhesive 45
I’ve used this adhesive for various purposes and it has worked wonders for me. One of the things I tried was using it on some cloth in my bow case and to re-upholster an ATV seat. I was thrilled with the results, and the best part is that I still have plenty left over!

✅Pros: 3M Spray Adhesive 45

Several months ago, I had to cover a foam patio cushion without sewing, and this adhesive came to the rescue. I’m happy to report that it’s holding up well and doing its job.

When it comes to ease of use, this adhesive is top-notch. It’s incredibly fast and easy to apply, and it tacks up immediately, allowing me to keep things in place while working on nearby items. If by any chance I get the alignment off, I can easily pull the sheet off cleanly and reposition it without needing additional glue. Moreover, it doesn’t create lumps or high spots on the items I’m gluing down. The fact that it sprays makes it faster and easier to use compared to other glues I’ve tried.

holding 3M Spray Adhesive 45
For a specific project, I needed to attach four legal-sized 110 lb. card stock pieces to 25 20 X 30 foam boards. I decided to attach one end of each sheet first, and then I lifted the unglued side of each sheet and sprayed the area underneath. Using a plastic putty knife with a six-inch blade, I was able to secure the sheets with just one stroke. It took me two cans to secure 100 legal pages, but the time it saved and the quality of the finished product made it worth the extra expense.

I’ve tried numerous spray adhesives, and this one is just about perfect for temporary holds. One standout feature is that the nozzle doesn’t clog even after multiple uses. That sets it apart from many other options I’ve tried in the past. While some glues might have slightly stronger holding power, the clogging nozzles always frustrated me. This adhesive solves that problem, making it a valuable tool.

❌Cons: 3M Spray Adhesive 45

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when using this adhesive. It’s essential to cover everything, even if you think it won’t get anywhere. I recommend using a tarp or plastic covering on everything you don’t want it to reach. The sticky residue has a way of finding its way around, and removing it from unwanted areas can be time-consuming. Wearing a mask is also crucial, as the residue can end up on your skin and glasses. The adhesive has a strong smell, so having proper ventilation is important. Apart from these considerations, the adhesive itself is very good and useful.

3M Spray Adhesive 45

FAQ of 3M Spray Adhesive 45

Q: Can 3M Spray Adhesive 45 be used on foam and fabric?

A: Absolutely! This product is highly compatible with the foam. I personally used it to secure foam with batting in an upholstery project, and it held up exceptionally well. I was initially skeptical, but it surpassed my expectations, preventing any slipping, bunching, or coming unglued. I even used it in a high-traffic teen room at a club, and it held up perfectly. I’m extremely satisfied with the product’s performance.

Q: I’m renting my current residence and want to avoid damaging the walls. Is it easy to remove the foam glued with this product?

A: When I glued acoustic foam to the walls of my “YouTube” room, I used a technique that ensures easy removal without damaging the paint. I applied contact paper, matching the wall paint (white), and then glued the foam over it. By cutting the contact paper to the foam’s size, leaves the foam clean and provides a more professional appearance. I haven’t experienced any issues with the contact paper pulling off the paint during removal, so I highly recommend using this technique to protect the walls.

Q: How effective is 3M Spray Adhesive 45 for bonding cardboard?

A: The effectiveness of this product for bonding cardboard depends on the specific application. If you intend to glue two pieces of cardboard together, it works well when applied between the front and back surfaces. However, if your goal is to lay a piece of paper on top of the cardboard and spray the adhesive over it, this method won’t work effectively. In such cases, the adhesive will remain tacky when it dries.

Q: Can 3M Spray Adhesive 45 effectively bind rubber weatherstripping to wood?

A: For binding rubber weatherstripping to wood, I would recommend using Spray 77 instead of Spray 45. Spray 45 is generally used for small craft and paper projects, while Spray 77 is better suited for heavier materials like wood, leather, and burlap.

Q: Does 3M Spray Adhesive 45 dry transparent?

A: Yes, this adhesive dries completely clear, ensuring an invisible bond.

Q: I’m planning to paint using a stencil. Can I secure the stencil in place with this adhesive without removing the paint underneath?

A: I have primarily used this adhesive for gluing sandpaper to sanding blocks, so I’m unsure about its compatibility with stencils and removing the adhesive without damaging the paint. It’s best to exercise caution in this case to avoid any potential damage to the paintwork.

Q: I want to glue fabric labels inside a leather bag. Would this adhesive work for that purpose?

A: Based on my understanding, 3M Spray Adhesive 45 should work well for gluing fabric labels inside a leather bag. I would recommend laying the labels out on newspaper or a drop cloth and spraying them one at a time. Carefully affix each label to the bag afterward. Best of luck with your project!

Q: Can I use 3M Spray Adhesive 45 to attach a small area rug to a wood floor without causing damage?

A: I don’t believe this product would be suitable for your intended use. It may not hold the rug in place securely when subjected to the pressure of people walking on it, and it could leave a sticky residue. Additionally, it’s primarily designed for craft applications rather than heavy-duty rug adhesion.

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  • I'm interested in recovering a lampshade using burlap. Will the light bulb cause any flammability issues with the material of 3M Spray Adhesive 45?

    • Hi Leonard, I understand your concern about the flammability of burlap when exposed to a light bulb. I contacted the manufacturer's technical department to get more information on this. According to Angela, the representative I spoke with, once the product has fully cured, there should be no flammability concerns. It is recommended to allow at least 24 hours for curing,…Read More

    • The Super 77 Spray Adhesive is a versatile adhesive that is easy to use and suitable for bonding various lightweight materials. It can be used for decorative films, foils, plastics, papers, foams, metals, and cardboard, bonding gaskets in water pumps, attaching bat insulation to sheet metal, as well as paper, fiber mesh, and plastic drywall corner beading. It provides a…Read More

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📝 My Hands-on Test of 3M Spray Adhesive 77

3M Spray Adhesive 77
I’ve been using this adhesive spray for over ten years, mainly for my card-making projects. It has always served me well, and I even use it for heavier-duty and permanent projects. The art manufacturing company that recommended it to me was right – it’s a great overall adhesive spray.


When using this spray, I make sure to do it in an area with good ventilation, preferably outdoors. I spray from a distance to achieve a nice even coat, so it’s best to choose a non-windy day or night. One thing to note is that once the adhesive makes contact with the surface you’re adhering your item to, it’s challenging to alter the registration. So, it’s important to position your item correctly the first time.

holding 3M Spray Adhesive 77
I found it to be particularly useful for putting up peel-and-stick wallpaper. It didn’t require much product, but I was glad I had it on hand. I’ve also used it for various craft projects, including creating a cushion for my window seat. It worked perfectly for attaching the fabric to the foam and holding multiple foam pieces together.

To ensure a smooth application, I like to use a rubber brayer to flatten the item while the adhesive is still slightly tacky. This helps to eliminate any air bubbles and ensures a secure bond. When I know I won’t be using the spray for a while, I turn the can upside down and spray out the adhesive in the intake and the tip to prevent clogging. It’s also essential to remove any buildup on the tip before using it again.


While the adhesive itself worked well for me, I did encounter a minor issue with overspray. It sprays quite wide, so I took precautions to protect areas I didn’t want the glue to reach. Overall, I think it’s a great product with a stronghold for any craft project.

Another user was disappointed with the adhesive’s performance in an overhead application. They mentioned that the lightweight radiant barrier they used started drooping after a few hours. It seems that this adhesive may not be ideal for such applications, especially on ceilings.

3M Spray Adhesive 77

FAQ of 3M Spray Adhesive 77

Q: Is it possible to utilize 3M Spray Adhesive 77 for fixing the sagging roof liner in my car? It’s in terrible condition and I really need to resolve the issue.

A: I would certainly recommend it. In my personal experience, I used this adhesive to line the interior of plastic-coated cabinets with a heavy fabric, and it has remained securely in place without any discoloration.

Q: Would 3M Spray Adhesive 77 be suitable for repairing the headliner fabric?

A: Unfortunately, I faced a similar situation last week and noticed that the headliner fabric was sagging even more each day. Whenever I pushed it back up, it would stay in place for a few hours before dropping again. The hot weather in Florida may have contributed to this issue. In the past, I’ve had better results using weldwood contact cement, which you can see the data in my article Contact Cement vs. Rubber Cement Contact Cement vs. Rubber Cement, although it can be challenging to work with. It’s quite unforgiving if the two parts touch in the wrong position. I plan to redo the repair using the latter adhesive, tackling half of the headliner at a time.

Q: I sprayed this adhesive on a piece of wood, and now there’s a sticky white layer all over it. It has been 30 minutes, and it’s not improving. Any advice?

A: I encountered the same issue, and initially, I couldn’t determine the cause. However, I observed that if I applied the adhesive directly and immediately, it wouldn’t hold and would result in a sticky white layer. Instead, I found better results when I sprayed the item I wanted to attach and allowed it to air for a moment. This approach provided a more favorable outcome. If this suggestion doesn’t help, you can try using nail polish remover or acetone to remove the excess adhesive around the edges.

Q: Can 3M Spray Adhesive 77 repair a tear on a new memory foam mattress topper?

A: I believe it could work if you can access the tear and apply the adhesive appropriately.

Q: What happens if I need to remove items after applying this glue? Will it damage the wall surface?

A: That’s a great question. Once the adhesive has cured, it forms a permanent bond. Removing items bonded with this adhesive may cause surface damage.

Q: Which contact spray adhesive will not dissolve EPS foam?

A: As far as I know, there are no contact spray adhesives that won’t dissolve EPS foam. However, there are glues and sealants available specifically designed to work with EPS foam.

Q: Is 3M Spray Adhesive 77 suitable for attaching Reflectix and car window shades?

A: Unfortunately, this adhesive is not transparent, so it may not be the best choice for attaching Reflectix and car window shades.

Q: Can 3M Spray Adhesive 77 be used to reattach car cloth to the ceiling?

A: It is advisable to use this adhesive sparingly, as it may seep through the material and have an undesirable appearance.

Q: I recently installed a dog door in the wall of our house, and the kit includes a carpet that lines the tube. Any idea if this adhesive will bond carpet with metal?

A: To ensure a successful bond between the carpet and metal, it’s crucial to have a clean metal surface free from oil, grease, and dirt. Similarly, the carpet should be as free as possible from lint and dust. Following the directions on the can, you should be able to achieve the desired result. However, keep in mind that this adhesive is not specifically designed for bonding carpet to metal. It’s always a good idea to test a small area first to ensure compatibility and adhesion. If you have any concerns or need further assistance, I recommend reaching out to the manufacturer of the adhesive or the dog door kit for their specific recommendations.