Dap AMP Vs. DAP Silicone: What’s the Difference?

The main difference between Dap AMP Vs. DAP Silicone is: DAP AMP is formulated with advanced hybrid polymer technology that provides faster water-ready and paint-ready times of 30 minutes, enables application on wet surfaces, and improves crack resistance compared to traditional silicone. DAP Silicone offers high flexibility and a wide service temperature range from -40°F to 350°F but requires longer cure times of 12 hours before water exposure and cannot be painted. For most everyday sealing applications, DAP AMP is the superior choice over silicone due to its versatility, faster cure time, and durability.

Dap AMP Vs. DAP Silicone

Dap AMP Vs. DAP Silicone: Specs & Uses

⏰Drying Time

Dap AMP: 30 mins water ready; 24 hrs full cure

DAP Silicone: 12 hrs water ready; 24 hrs full cure

🆚Temperature Resistance

Dap AMP: 0°F to 140°F application temp; -65°F to 190°F service temp

DAP Silicone: -35°F to 140°F application temp; -40°F to 350°F service temp

🛠️Common Uses


– 100% weatherproof & watertight seal
– Proven wet & damp surface application
– Extreme temperature use
– Fast 30-min paint & rain ready time
– Meets ASTM C920, Class 35

DAP Silicone

– 100% waterproof & weatherproof
– Flexible
– Mold & mildew resistant
– Interior/exterior use

Technical Info

DAP AMP DAP Silicone
Total Score★★★★★★★★
Datasheet📥DAP AMP Datasheet📥DAP Silicone Datasheet
Base PolymerAdvanced hybrid polymerSilicone rubber
ApplicationsWindows, doors, siding, trim, gutters, flashing, pipes, vents, ducts, foundationsWindows, doors, siding, trim, pipes, vents, ducts, gutters, flashing
SurfacesWood, vinyl, plastic, metal, fiber cement, concrete, brick, glass, ceramic, drywall, plaster, stuccoWood, composite wood, metal, glass, ceramic, porcelain, vinyl, plastic, rubber
Temperature Resistance0°F to 140°F application temp
-65°F to 190°F service temp
-35°F to 140°F application temp -40°F to 350°F service temp
Flexibility+/-35% joint movement+/-25% joint movement
Mold ResistanceMold & mildew resistant when curedMold & mildew resistant when cured
PaintablePaintable in 30 minsNot paintable

My Hands-on Test of Dap AMP

DAP AMP All Weather Window, Door and Siding Sealant
AMP (or advanced modified polymer) is the new champ when it comes to sealants. Designed to outperform silicone in almost every way, it’s also paintable and can be applied to wet surfaces.

It sealed my windows in 30 mins. The fact that it works to -17 is great since I live in a cold climate. The scent was light and came out a nice white for a clean finish.

DAP AMP All Weather Explained

I chose DAP AMP because I was replacing caulk from multiple mold-infested spots, and this was recommended as the most advanced new mold-resistant product on the market. Despite being a complete amateur, I did not have any trouble with it. I just followed the instructions, prepped and masked the areas properly, tried to work quickly, and used mineral spirits to spread the caulk and clean up. It’s been a month and it seems to be performing as advertised.

bathroom maintenance with DAP AMP

My apartment bathroom had a crevice that maintenance never fixed despite my requests. So I decided to repair it myself using AMP Advanced Modified Polymer Waterproof Kitchen & Bath and Plumbing Sealant. After using this product, I feel empowered to do my own repairs going forward. When I received it, the sealant was easy to load into the caulking gun dispenser.

During my application, I had the chance to use both the bright white and the crystal clear versions. The bright white dried harder, while the clear had more of the feel of silicone. The clear version is definitely transparent as advertised. It looks like there’s no caulk at all.

I use caulk on a daily basis for touch-ups to ensure our homes transfer to the owners 100% complete. I’ve always found DAP products like their kitchen/bath caulk, wood filler, and exterior sealants to be easy to use and find in a pinch. However, the AMP line absolutely blew my mind with how much easier it was to apply and clean up. I’m thoroughly impressed and will be purchasing it for future projects.

DAP AMP Advanced Modified Polymer
DAP AMP All Weather Window, Door and Siding Sealant
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My Hands-on Test of Dap Silicone

DAP 08641 100% Silicone Sealants
The application process was surprisingly easy. The caulk flowed smoothly as I applied it, resulting in a neat and professional-looking finish. To ensure control over the flow, I cut a small opening at the top of the tube, which proved to be a good decision. Although I did notice that it required a considerable amount of hand strength to squeeze the caulk out in a continuous line, I believe this was due to the size of the opening I had cut. Despite that, I’m pleased to say that the caulk performed admirably, and I would definitely consider ordering it again if I needed more.


Although I initially purchased this caulk for caulking between textured ceiling and walls to prevent paint leakage through the tape due to the uneven surface, it turned out to be a versatile performer.

Not only did it excel in its intended purpose, but I also found that it outperformed some other caulking products I’ve used in the past. It exhibited remarkable durability, with no cracking, yellowing, or peeling over time.

Its sealing capabilities were also impressive. I’ve since started using it for various applications around my home, such as around toilets, tubs, sinks, and doors.

This Dap Silicone caulk surpasses my expectations. Additionally, I’ve noticed that it’s easier to clean, which is a welcome bonus. Unlike other caulks that seem to absorb unpleasant odors and are difficult to clean, this one makes the cleaning process much more manageable.

using DAP silicone around the sink
using DAP silicone around the sink

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One aspect that caught me off guard was the color. Initially, I thought I had purchased the clear variant of the caulk, but it wasn’t until it dried that I realized it had a different hue. While this required me to redo some of my previous work, I must admit that the ease of use made the task much more manageable compared to using a caulking gun. The convenience factor alone is a significant selling point for this product.

DAP 08641 100% Silicone Sealants