Dap Kwik Seal Vs. Dap Silicone: any difference?

Kwik Seal, with its strong adhesion and quick drying time, is fantastic for sealing countertops, fixtures, tubs, and other areas that get wet. Meanwhile, Dap silicone caulk stretches and bends with surfaces like aquariums, windows, doors, and pipes.

Dap Kwik Seal Vs. Dap Silicone

Dap Kwik Seal Vs. Dap Silicone: What’s The Difference?

🌡️Service Temp Range

Dap Kwik Seal: -40°F to 350°F

Dap Silicone: -20°F to 150°F

🆚Key Features

Dap Kwik Seal: Stays flexible, won’t crack or lose adhesion

Dap Silicone: Bonds like glue, seals like caulk

🛠️Common Uses

Dap Kwik Seal is 100% waterproof and suitable for sealing around underwater return line outlets, making it an ideal choice for pool maintenance and repair; seal a plastic outdoor shed

Dap Silicone fixes cracks in drywall or gaps around baseboard heaters; dries into a rubber-like consistency; adheres well to existing seals.

Technical Info

DAP 100% SiliconeDAP Kwik Seal
Datasheet📥DAP 100% Silicone📥DAP Kwik Seal
Product Type100% silicone sealantAcrylic latex caulk
Key Features– 100% waterproof and weatherproof
– Stays flexible, won’t crack or lose adhesion
– Mold and mildew resistant
– 100% waterproof seal
– Bonds like glue, seals like caulk
– Paintable, low odor, water clean-up

My Hands-on Test of Dap Kwik Seal

Dap Kwik Seal
When we decided to reapply caulk around the trim in our bath and shower, we opted for the Kwik Seal Kitchen & Bath Adhesive Caulk. The previous layer had deteriorated over time, leading to mold growth.
Recaulk of a tub and surround. Scrape off the old, in comes the new Dap Kwik Seal
Recaulk of a tub and surround. Scrape off the old, in comes the new Dap Kwik Seal

✅I Reattached a 4-Inch Backsplash Tile to the Drywall

After scraping off the old mastic and grout, I applied Dap Kwik Seal to the back of the tile and pressed it firmly in place. Since then, the tile has stayed securely attached thanks to the adhesive.

Initially, I had a hiccup with one of the tubes not having a cap. With a sharp knife, an angled cut, and a bit of patience, I was able to access the caulk.

If you’re a crafter, Dap Kwik Seal might not be the best choice for projects like Decoden cases, since a hot glue gun would work better. While its versatility shines in areas like sealing around baseboard heaters, where its heat resistance comes into play.

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I wouldn’t recommend using Dap Kwik Seal for reapplying small bathroom floor tiles, but it worked great for repairing a tiny hole in my porcelain tile floor. Although the texture might be different, the repair blended in seamlessly, and the caulk provided a solid patch until I could replace the tile.

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Dap Kwik Seal bonded well to existing sealants and grout, living up to its name. Although it didn’t completely hide cracked grout in my shower, it did minimize the appearance of the cracks.

I found that latex-based paints and acrylics work well over Dap Kwik Seal. If you’re going to use it as a sealant around showers or in moist areas, I’d suggest a marine-grade caulk.

One of the nice things about this caulk is that it comes in different colors, including gray, so I could match it perfectly to various surfaces. Though Dap Kwik Seal couldn’t fix cracked drywall permanently, it was a great quick-fix filler until I was able to properly repair the cracks with fiberglass tape and spackling.


The only minor drawback I encountered was that the texture was not what I expected. Instead of a rubbery consistency, it dried firm, almost like cement. However, this did not affect its functionality.

Dap Kwik Seal

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My Hands-on Test of Dap Silicone

DAP 08641 100% Silicone Sealants
When you want a subtle, non-obtrusive finish, Dap Silicone clear has a milky appearance.
It’s not the best choice if you want something that looks like brushed stainless steel.

✅I’ve used it to seal cracks in my shower stall, and it works great

Dap Silicone really shines when it comes to versatility. I’ve used it to seal cracks in my shower stall, and it works great. My patio cover and the stucco exterior of my house are connected by this sealant, which adheres beautifully to both wood and stucco surfaces.

Adhesive effectiveness is one of its biggest advantages. I just used it to glue stainless steel panels for my range hood surround, and it worked great. The end result was a solid, long-lasting bond, even though I had to support the panels for 36 hours.


Dap Silicone is not paintable, so if you want a sealant you can paint over, you may need to look elsewhere. In addition, it doesn’t seem to be specifically marketed as mildew-resistant, even though it’s a commercial-grade silicone.

DAP 08641 100% Silicone Sealants