OSI Quad Vs. Quad Max: any difference?

The main differences between OSI Quad Vs. Quad Max is that Quad Max has higher flexibility, strength, application temperature range, hardness, elongation, and tensile strength, and is faster curing and paintable compared to standard Quad. Quad requires primer on some substrates, unlike Quad Max. Quad Max also allows slightly wider control/dynamic joints. Both are not recommended for nail hole filling or butt/field joints on prefinished materials.

OSI Quad Vs. Quad Max

OSI Quad Vs. Quad Max: Specs & Uses

⏰Cure Time

OSI Quad: 7-14 days

Quad Max: 24-72 hours


OSI Quad: Standard

Quad Max: 3X Stronger than Standard Quad

🛠️Common Uses

OSI Quad can be used to seal gaps in siding, windows, or doors; enhance the insulation properties of foam board installations; seal wire holes in external walls; can be used in sub-freezing conditions, ensuring proper curing and sealing even in cold weather

Quad Max is suitable for sealing around windows (fiber cement, cedar, brick, stone, XPS, EPS, coated aluminum, steel, fiberglass, vinyl, PVC, stucco); can be applied on wet and cold surfaces, which makes it an option as an adhesive to attach sink to wall.

Technical Info

OSI QuadOSI Quad Max
Datasheet📥OSI Quad📥OSI Quad Max
Flexibility± 25% Joint Movement Capability± 50% Joint Movement Capability
Application Temperature Range20°F to 100°F0°F to 140°F
Skin Formation Time4-6 minutes17-20 minutes
Tack Free Time10 hours15 hours
Shrinkage23%No shrinkage mentioned
Maximum Elongation550%577%
Tensile Strength~100 psi234 psi
Priming RequiredSpecial substrates may require a primerStrong adhesion to most substrates without primer
PaintableYes, when fully curedYes, in 1 hour
Nail Hole FillingNot recommendedNot recommended
Butt/Field Joint ApplicationNot recommended on prefinished materialsNot recommended on prefinished materials
Control/Dynamic Joint WidthUp to 3/8″Up to 5/8″

My Hands-on Test of OSI Quad

OSI Quad Window, Door and Siding Sealant
My experience with OSI Quad caulking has been exceptional. Not only does it possess excellent quality, but it also applies smoothly and is easy to work with.


The adhesion it provides is outstanding, ensuring a strong bond. I highly recommend it.

OSI Quad exterior big gap Caulking
OSI Quad exterior big gap Caulking

Consistent Flow

One of the standout features of OSI Quad is its consistent flow, which makes it incredibly user-friendly. It maintains a steady consistency throughout, allowing for effortless application. In my opinion, it stands out as one of the best caulking options available on the market. It creates a great seal and leaves a smooth final texture.

PVC Fittings

When I discovered cracks in the pipes and PVC fittings emoticon - PVC jointsin my home, OSI Quad caulking proved to be an excellent sealer. It effectively sealed the gaps, providing a reliable solution. I was impressed by its performance.

Seal LP smart side lap siding

I also used OSI Quad caulking to seal our recently installed LP smart side lap siding. We undertook the project during the colder months, with temperatures as low as 28°F. Despite the challenging conditions, this caulking performed admirably, as it is rated for application in temperatures as low as 20°F.

In comparison, cheaper alternatives are only rated for 40°F, which would not have cured under these conditions. Although it may require a bit more effort to work with, its exceptional curing ability makes it the best choice for caulking in cold weather.

using OSI Quad on the surface of a building
The initial quality of OSI Quad caulking appears to be good, considering its price point. It applies easily and adheres well, with minimal sag.

If you require a quick caulking solution, OSI Quad delivers. It forms a skin over the applied area within just 30 minutes, allowing you to proceed with your project efficiently.


However, I would advise caution when using a large amount indoors or in occupied areas, as the smell can be quite strong and potentially unhealthy to breathe.

OSI Quad Window, Door and Siding Sealant

FAQ of OSI Quad

Q: Does osi quad function as a polyurethane sealant? Is it suitable for application on foam board?

A: Yes, osi quad serves as a polyurethane sealant and can indeed be utilized on foam boards.

Q: Is OSI Quad appropriate for sealing wire holes in external walls?

A: Absolutely! You can certainly use it for that purpose. I have personally employed it for numerous projects involving wire hole sealing on external walls.

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My Hands-on Test of OSI Quad Max

OSI Quad Max Window, Door and Siding Sealant
I’ve been painting for the last 10 years, and I’m pretty sure I’ve used most caulks on the planet. If you’re looking for a caulk with superb adhesion, minimal shrinkage, and the ability to paint over within a few hours, this is for you. This product was recommended for use with GoBoard waterproof wallboard per the manufacturer, and I can confidently say that it’s the best caulking I have ever used.

✅Pros: OSI Quad Max

This caulk is oil-based, which gives it excellent durability and a high stretch rate. It doesn’t shrink and is rated for 30 years, ensuring long-lasting performance. Used around windowsemoticon - vinyl window, doors, and for siding installations, it holds up exceptionally well. Its paintable and flexible nature allows for a seamless finish that blends smoothly with the surrounding surfaces.

Thick and Sticky

The caulk itself is thick and sticky, giving it a substantial feel. I prefer using an air caulk gun to apply it, and it works great with that method. However, it’s important to note that when using it in cold temperatures, the product can be difficult to dispense. I recommend warming up the tubes before application to facilitate easier flow.

testing Quad Max
In terms of convenience, the company provides excellent customer service. When I received a batch of old caulk bottles from my initial purchase, they promptly sent me a new set, displaying their commitment to customer satisfaction.

If you want a caulk that offers long-lasting performance and can withstand various conditions, OSI MAX is a reliable choice. Its exceptional adhesion, minimal shrinkage, and ability to fill gaps make it an ideal caulk sealant.

❌Cons: OSI Quad Max

Some customers reported difficulties with dispensing the caulk through a caulking gun, as it was too hard.

OSI Quad Max Window, Door and Siding Sealant

FAQ of OSI Quad Max

Q: I’ve used OSI Quad Max in the past, and I recall being able to paint over it. Can I use either oil-based or latex paint with this OSI Quad caulk?

A: Yes, this OSI Quad Max caulk can be painted over using latex paint.

Q: Does this caulk have a lingering odor like some other caulks?

A: Personally, I don’t find the odor to be unpleasant.

Q: Is this OSI Quad Max caulk the same as the “Arctic White” color used by James Hardie?

A: While the OSI Quad Max II label does not specifically mention “Arctic White,” it closely matches the James Hardie color we primarily use for our light-colored cement fiberboard siding installations.

Q: Does this caulk maintain its white appearance and cleanliness, or does it tend to yellow, attract dirt, and become gray or dingy?

A: It remains white and clean, although it may accumulate dirt and other substances.

Q: What type of material is this caulk made of? Is it silicone or latex?

A: It is made of a silane-modified polymer.