What is the best adhesive to bond stainless steel to Ceramic?

As for this kind of project, an adhesive might be J-B Weld. However, the difference between pc-7 epoxy vs jb weld is that PC-7 epoxy is known for its superior strength and durability, offering a higher tensile strength compared to JB-Weld. It also has a longer working time and slower curing time, allowing for more flexibility during the bonding process. PC-7 epoxy excels in gap-filling applications, making it suitable for uneven surfaces.

Best Adhesive for Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel to Stainless Steel – JB Weld Steel Stick

JB Weld Steel Stick
Let me start by saying…I LOVE THIS STUFF!! For stainless steel repairs and bonding, this putty works incredibly well. It molds easily to fill gaps, bonds tenaciously and dries to a steel-hard finish. The fast 5-minute setting time does mean you have to work quickly, but it leaves a permanent fix.

After analysis of steel stick vs jb weld, I decided to use it to patch a hole in my stainless steel sink that had rusted through. After cleaning and sanding the area, I kneaded together the two-part putty until it was a uniform gray color. I pressed the putty into the hole, molding it to fill the gap completely. It hardened within 5 minutes into a steel-like patch that blends right in. No more leaks!

Next, I used the putty to reattach the broken handle on my stainless steel refrigerator. After sanding both pieces to rough up the surface, I pressed a blob of the mixed putty onto the refrigerator door where the handle attaches. I held the handle in place firmly for 2 minutes while the putty began hardening. After letting it cure fully overnight, the repaired handle is solidly reattached and blends seamlessly.

repair sunglasses with Steel Stick

Most recently, I filled some deep scratches on my stainless steel oven door where the finish was damaged. After cleaning and lightly sanding the scratches, I kneaded a pea-sized amount of the putty and pressed it firmly into the scratches, using a putty knife to smooth it flush. I let it harden completely before sanding and painting over it. You’d never know the scratches were there!

JB Weld Steel Stick


JB Weld SteelStick
Review Rating★★★★
Datasheet📥JB Weld SteelStick
DescriptionSteel reinforced epoxy putty stick for repairing and rebuilding anything made of metal
Key Features– Steel reinforced for superior strength – Machinable and Drillable – Sets in Steel Gray Color
Set Time4-6 minutes
Cure Time1 hour
ColorSteel gray
Temperature ResistanceUp to 300°F
Tensile Strength3960 psi
Shelf Life1 year
VOC StatusCompliant in all 50 states

Stainless Steel to Drywall – Gorilla Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive

Gorilla Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive
For any project requiring a heavy-duty permanent bond between stainless steel and drywall, I highly recommend this adhesive. As long as the materials are properly prepped, it dries fast and the powerful adhesion holds up beautifully even in high-use areas. It has become my go-to for securely attaching stainless steel to drywall walls or backsplashes.

One such project was installing a stainless steel accent wall in my bathroom. I cut the steel sheets to size, sanded the back lightly, and applied adhesive dots to affix them firmly to the existing drywall. Despite humidity and frequent cleaning, the steel sheets have stayed securely bonded to the wall without any loosening or gaps forming.

I faced a similar challenge when installing a stainless steel backsplash in my kitchen. After cleaning and prepping the drywall and steel, I used the adhesive to permanently attach the backsplash. It grabbed incredibly fast and provided a super strong bond that has withstood frequent use and cleaning over the past year without budging.

PU Adhesive Cure Time Test

Most recently, I adhered stainless steel mesh to one accent drywall wall in my living room. I layered the mesh in an abstract pattern and secured it fully onto the wall using Gorilla’s construction adhesive. The unique steel feature wall has gotten lots of compliments and not shown any signs of the mesh loosening or detaching.

Gorilla Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive
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Best Adhesive for Stainless Steel to Ceramic – PC-7 Epoxy

PC7 Epoxy Adhesive Paste
PC-7 Epoxy is truly amazing, and it never fails to deliver exceptional performance. It’s incredibly easy to use, binds to most surfaces effortlessly, and fills voids flawlessly. I’ve used this versatile epoxy adhesive for various projects bonding stainless steel and ceramic materials.

Stainless Steel to Ceramic Projects

One such project was creating an abstract wall art piece using curved stainless steel wires adhered to ceramic tile backings. After shaping the wires and cutting the tile, I sanded both components and applied the epoxy. The strong permanent bonds have held up beautifully for over a year of the art hanging on my wall.

I also used epoxy when repairing a crack in my ceramic kitchen sink. After thoroughly cleaning both the stainless steel and ceramic, I filled the crack with the paste and let it cure overnight. Despite heavy daily use and exposure to water, the repaired crack has stayed solidly bonded without leaking or loosening.

properly repair minor surface rust on a car fender using PC7 filler
I’m demonstrating how to properly repair minor surface rust on a car fender using PC7 filler.

When the stainless steel handle broke off my ceramic mug, this epoxy provided an easy fix. I just cleaned both surfaces, applied a small amount to the broken edges, and clamped the handle in place for several hours. The repaired mug has survived many trips through the dishwasher with no issues.

For my latest project, I permanently affixed stainless steel mesh to a ceramic pot to give it a modern facelift. The epoxy formed a durable bond that has held up beautifully even with high heat from cooking.

PC7 Epoxy Adhesive Paste


PC-7 Epoxy
Datasheet📥PC-7 Epoxy
Base IngredientEpoxy polymer resin (Part A), amine hardener (Part B)
Mix Ratio by Volume1:1
Cure Time20-25 minutes (initial set), 24 hrs (full cure)
Tensile Shear Strength2150 psi
Compressive Strength4245 psi
Shore HardnessShore D 76
Maximum Continuous Temperature200°F
Working Time at 70°F60 minutes
Initial Cure Time at 70°F160 minutes
ColorPart A: Grey, Part B: Black
LimitationsFor small repairs only, not intended for structural or heavy-duty applications.

Stainless Steel to Wood – DAP Weldwood Original Contact Cement

DAP Weldwood Original Contact Cement
I was building an outdoor side table and needed to adhere the stainless steel table legs securely to the wooden tabletop. This would be subjected to moisture and weather, so I needed the strongest possible bond – DAP Contact Cement.

I used 1/8″ thick stainless steel rectangular tubing for the legs. The wooden tabletop was 3/4″ thick oak planks joined together. I applied a single coat of contact cement to the bottom 3″ of the steel legs, making sure to cover the entire surface that would contact the wood.

For the oak tabletop, I applied 2 coats of Contact Cement to each area where a leg would attach. This helped account for the porosity of the wood and let both surfaces become tacky for about 10 minutes before bringing them together.

I carefully aligned each leg and placed it straight down onto its marked position on the tabletop. The bond formed immediately, and was strong enough to withstand me trying to slightly rotate or shift the leg – no chance for repositioning once contacted! Are rubber cement and contact cement the same? Maybe you are as curious as I am.

After letting the whole piece cure overnight, I tested the strength by trying to manually pull the legs off the tabletop. No luck – the oak wood failed first. To add stability, I also screwed through the steel legs into the oak, but the contact cement could have held them alone.

Once assembled, the table lives outdoors year-round, exposed to rain, sun, and temperature swings. But over 2 years later, the bonds between the steel legs and oak top remain intact. This cement truly produces an unbreakable connection between metals and porous materials.

DAP Weldwood Original Contact Cement


DAP Weldwood Original Contact Cement
Datasheet📥DAP Weldwood Original Contact Cement
Product DescriptionPolychloroprene rubber-based contact adhesive that forms permanent bonds on various surfaces. Offers instant adhesion to eliminate need for clamps/fasteners. Used for laminates, counter tops, cabinets, etc.
Packaging AvailablePint, Quart, Gallon
Color AvailabilityTan only
CompositionSynthetic rubbers & resins
OdorSolvent odor
Flash Point21°F minimum
Solids Content20% by weight
Specific Gravity0.71
ViscosityNot specified
VOC Content702.8 g/L
Shelf Life12 months
Recommended SurfacesHigh-pressure laminates, wood, plastics, leather, fabrics, rubber, paper, cardboard, metals, concrete
Open TimeUp to 2 hours
Clamping RequiredNo
Maximum Bond Strength7 days
Temperature ResistanceUp to 180°F
CleanupMineral spirits

Stainless Steel to Plastic – Devcon Plastic Steel Putty

 Devcon Plastic Steel Putty
I’ve used this epoxy adhesive for various projects bonding stainless steel and plastic.

✅Pros: Devcon Plastic Steel Putty

One repair was fixing the black plastic handle that had broken off the stainless steel door of my microwave. After cleaning the handle and door frame, I applied a small amount of epoxy and clamped the handle in place for several hours. The bond has held up perfectly despite the daily opening and closing of the door.

Undeterred, I used Devcon Plastic Steel Putty again for an art project, adhering curved stainless steel wires onto a plastic backing board to create an abstract wall sculpture. After cleaning and sanding the materials, the epoxy formed a strong permanent bond that has lasted over a year of the sculpture hanging on my wall.

testing Devcon Plastic Steel Putty
testing Devcon Plastic Steel Putty

Most recently, I repaired the plastic sprayer that had broken off the stainless steel kitchen sink. Despite heavy daily use and forceful water pressure, the epoxy bond has held the sprayer firmly in place without leaking for months now.

❌Cons: Devcon Plastic Steel Putty

I also tried using Devcon Plastic Steel Putty when the thin plastic throttle lever snapped off the stainless steel motor of my outboard boat. Unfortunately, the lever experienced too much vibration and flexing in normal use, so the epoxy bond failed within days. This showed me that the adhesive forms a rigid, permanent bond but may not work as well for parts that need more flexibility.

Devcon Plastic Steel Putty


Devcon Plastic Steel Putty
Datasheet📥Devcon Plastic Steel Putty
DescriptionMetal filled epoxy putty for repairs and rebuilding
ApplicationsRepairing cracks, breaks, holes in metal equipment, castings, etc. Rebuilding worn parts.
Mix Ratio by Volume2.5:1
Mix Ratio by Weight9:1
Pot Life at 25C45 mins
Cure Time at 25C16 hours
Max Temperature Resistance121C (dry)
Hardness85 Shore D
Tensile Strength19 MPa
Compressive Strength57 MPa
Shelf Life3 years