Polyurethane glue dries to a tacky state within 30 minutes, but it can take up to 24 hours to fully cure. Unlike CA adhesive, polyurethane takes some time to set up, so consider choosing the best brush for glue to accurately apply the adhesive before clamping the joint and waiting.

How Long Does PU Adhesive Take to Grab?

We’ve recommended a lot of PU adhesives on stickyaides.com and in this article, let’s take a close look at the cure time for each of them.

Gorilla Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive – “FAST GRAB: Holds in 30 seconds”

Gorilla Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive
I recently had a project where I needed to bond foam board to concrete, and I decided to give Gorilla Glue a try. I had heard good things about its adhesive properties, so I was hopeful it would work well for my needs.

Before starting, I made sure to clean the surface of the concrete thoroughly to ensure a strong bond. I applied the Gorilla Glue to the foam board, following the instructions provided.

PU Adhesive Cure Time Test
PU Adhesive Cure Time Test

The glue applied easily and didn’t create a messy situation, which was a relief.


Once I pressed the foam board onto the concrete, I held it in place for a few minutes to allow the glue to set. Afterward, I checked the bond, and I was pleasantly surprised by how securely the foam board was attached. It showed no signs of coming loose, even in areas with heavy foot traffic.

I was also pleased to find that the Gorilla Glue held up well despite exposure to heat and moisture. I live in a region with hot summers and occasional monsoons, but the bond remained strong, without any signs of deterioration.

Another project where I used Gorilla Glue was to secure a rubber seal on my concrete garage floor. The glue worked wonders, providing a solid bond with minimal mess. I appreciated that it came in a generous tube, as I had plenty of glue to work with.

In addition to its effectiveness on foam board and rubber seals, I found Gorilla Glue to be versatile for various home repairs. I used it to reattach vinyl and wood tiles, as well as to seal a bathroom vanity and medicine cabinet. It held everything firmly in place, even in high-moisture areas like the bathroom.


While using Gorilla Glue, it’s important to keep in mind that it forms a permanent bond once dried. So, it’s crucial to be precise in application and ensure proper placement. However, this permanence also means that the bond is incredibly strong and reliable.

Gorilla Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive

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Loctite PL Premium PU Construction Adhesive – “sets in 20 minutes and fully cures in 24 hours”

Loctite PL Premium Max Construction Adhesive
When it comes to bonding foam board to concrete, I have found the Loctite PL Premium Polyurethane Construction Adhesive to be an absolute game-changer. As someone who owns a professional hardscape company, I’ve tried numerous adhesives, but this one stands out as the best glue I’ve ever used on real stone walls. The results are truly impressive.


The first thing that struck me about this adhesive is its remarkable bonding strength. I had a broken concrete tank lid that needed fixing, and this adhesive worked wonders. Just by following the instructions carefully, I was able to achieve a solid and permanent bond. It held up incredibly well, even in challenging conditions.

But it wasn’t just limited to concrete repairs. I had a wobbly toilet that needed to be securely mounted to the floor, both for safety and to keep the wax seal intact. While silicone caulk or tile grout might offer temporary fixes, I knew I needed something more reliable. That’s where the Loctite Construction Adhesive came in. I carefully applied it between the toilet and the floor, ensuring a clean application.

attach foam board on concrete
After 24 hours, I was amazed by the results. The adhesive had set up harder than rock, forming a smooth, shiny gray surface that was virtually indestructible. It was so solid that even a fingernail couldn’t dent it. I had to use a knife edge to scrape off any excess adhesive. This product truly delivers on its promise of strength and durability.

In addition to its excellent performance with concrete and toilets, I even put it to the test on a ceramic cat figurine that had been broken. Superglue failed me, but the Loctite Adhesive came to the rescue. After a day, the statue was as good as new. I was impressed by its versatility and ability to bond different materials effectively.

Loctite PL Premium Max Construction Adhesive

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Sikaflex 227 – “Incredibly Fast Tack Free Time As Low As 30 Minutes”

I have used Sikaflex 227 for various purposes over the years, and it has always worked well for me.

Recently, I needed to remove the old sealant around my home and replace it with new caulking. The builder used Sikaflex 227 when the house was built, so I decided to stick with the same product.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it in any local stores, but I found it immediately on Amazon and ordered it right away. The product arrived in a flimsy paper envelope with no other packaging, and the bottom of the tube was damaged in shipping. Nevertheless, I was able to use it successfully with a caulking gun.

I have also used Sikaflex 227 to seal gaps in my driveway and prevent mildew from getting into my living room. In both cases, it did the job perfectly. However, I have noticed that the product has gotten a bit pricey over the years. It’s still the best sealant for metal roofs, but the cost is a bit high compared to other options.

Re-caulk the roof of my Airstream

One thing to note is that the color of the product is black or white, which can stand out visibly on aluminum surfaces. However, it sticks to clean aluminum and seals leaks and holds up for a number of years. It’s also good for crack filling where the slab is not completely level, but it does require tooling to achieve a smooth finish. It’s not suitable for use where a self-leveling finish is required.

If you’re planning to use Sikaflex 227 for pool coping grout repair, be aware that it needs tooling and is not a self-leveling caulk. Also, be sure to wear gloves or plastic throwaways as the product can stain your skin.

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Conclusion: How Long Does PU Adhesive Take to Grab?

All in all, as long as you choose from the above PU Adhesives that are recommended on stickyaides.com, you are sure to have it grab within 30 minutes.