Painters Tape vs Masking Tape: what’s the difference?

The key differences are Scotch Masking’s higher adhesion strength, tensile strength, and elongation, while ScotchBlue has better UV and paint bleed resistance optimized for delicate surfaces. I wouldn’t recommend using masking tape on a car. Instead, opt for blue painter’s tape, as it is less aggressive and safer for car paint.

Painters Tape vs Masking Tape

Painters Tape vs Masking Tape: Specs & Uses

🌡️Temperature Range

Painters Tape: Up to 200°F

Masking Tape: Up to 200°F


Painters Tape: Tan

Masking Tape: Blue

🛠️Common Uses

Painters Tape can be ironed to remove creases and adhere paper together; labeling fridge/freezer meals and works in low temperatures; can protect surfaces during painting and from pollution, ensuring easy removal without leaving residue.

Masking Tape is suitable for use on glass surfaces, including mirrors; securely tape down trash bin lids on windy days; sealing boxes and packages.

Technical Info

Masking TapePainter’s Tape
Datasheet📥Scotch Masking Tape📥ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape
BackingCrepe paperCrepe paper
AdhesiveHigh tack rubber adhesiveProprietary multi-polymer adhesive
Adhesion to Steel34 oz/in28 oz/in
Tensile Strength25 lbs/in17 lbs/in
Thickness4.3 mil4 mil

My Hands-on Test: Masking Tape

Masking Tape
One thing I love about Masking Tape is its versatility. I use it for so many things, from keeping pictures hanging straight to tackling tons of other tasks around the house. Whether it’s adhering cloth bandages or taping down my workspace sheets for crafting, this tape has proven its worth time and time again.

✅Pros: Masking Tape

The precision I can achieve with this tape, especially during painting projects, is remarkable. It adheres firmly yet comes off effortlessly, leaving crisp lines and surfaces intact.

Testing Masking Tape

Quick Use

I also purchased this masking tape to keep track of costumes backstage, and it has been great for quick use. It holds things well, is easy to remove, and even easy to write on. The light-weight nature of the tape allows for effortless tearing, which is a feature I appreciate. So far, it has not left any sticky residue behind, making it convenient to work with.


Scotch Masking Tape Explained

The adhesive of this masking tape is very strong, making it the best one I’ve used so far. It holds up well for hanging frames on the wall, and I’ve also found it useful for labeling food. It creates clean lines and surfaces, making it perfect for canvas painting and other craftwork. The light stick and residue-free removal make it great for creating surfaces without any hassle.

Affix Watercolor Paper

I’ve been using this tape for years to affix watercolor paper to a board for my artwork. It prevents paint from seeping into the paper’s edges, and when I remove the tape after the paint dries, it leaves a crisp white border around my painting.

❌Cons: Masking Tape

While the adhesive might not be as strong as some other tapes I’ve used, it serves its purpose well for my light, temporary applications.

Masking Tape

FAQ: Masking Tape

Q: Can I use Masking Tape on pastel paper for sketching?

A: This tape should work for that. Unlike some painter’s tapes, it doesn’t stick too strongly to surfaces and comes off easily. You might want to considerGolden Matte MediumMatte Medium vs. Mod Podge as well.

Q: What is the inner diameter of the roll? I want to know if it will fit on my old dispenser.

A: It will fit! I’ve been using this tape with my tape tools, which are 20-25 years old, and they work perfectly fine.

Q: Will Masking Tape damage car paint?

A: I wouldn’t recommend using this tape on a car. Instead, opt for blue painter’s tape, as it is less aggressive and safer for car paint.

Q: Can I use this tape for painting and to protect surfaces from pollution?

A: Yes, it will work for that purpose. After applying the tape to the surface, gently rub it so that it doesn’t stick too strongly. However, if you want a tape specifically designed for painting, a true painter’s tape (usually blue) would be a better option.

Q: Can I use this tape on fabric?

A: Absolutely! It works well on various types of fabrics.

Q: Is this tape acid-free?

A: While it doesn’t explicitly state that it is acid-free, the tape is made from 56% renewable resources, 43% paper from sustainably managed forests, and 13% natural rubber latex. The latex is harvested from rubber trees and naturally regenerated.

Q: If I use masking tape to weatherproof windows with plastic, will it peel off the paint on the wall?

A: It is designed to be a damage-free adhesive. It can stay on interior surfaces for up to five days and one day on exterior surfaces, and it removes easily without leaving a sticky residue behind. It works well on painted walls, vinyl, carpet, metal, and plastic. Feel free to use it for weatherproofing windows with plastic.

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My Hands-on Test: Painter’s Tape

Painter's Tape
Scotch Painter’s Tape is truly one of the best and most useful items to have around the house. Its versatility is endless, and I always make sure to have a roll with me, even when I travel. It’s fantastic for sealing liquid bottles to prevent leaks, and the best part is that it can be easily removed without leaving any sticky residue behind.


It’s perfect for quickly labeling things. The price on Amazon is very reasonable, making it a great value for such a handy product.

paint ceilings with Painter’s Tape

paint your ceilings with Painter's Tape


It has incredible adhesive power, allowing me to hang things on the walls without worrying about them falling down or damaging the paint. Even when it’s time to remove the tape, it comes off smoothly without tearing the paint or leaving any marks. I’ve tried several other brands, but none of them match the sticky power of this one.

Painter's Tape Explained


When it comes to painting, ScotchBlue is a game-changer. The paint doesn’t bleed at all, ensuring clean and crisp lines. I highly recommend it for any painting project. Unlike other brands that rip when removing paint or have poor adhesion leading to paint bleeding into unwanted areas, ScotchBlue performs exceptionally well. I’ve tried various painter’s tapes, and this one is by far my favorite. One brand that particularly disappointed me was Duck painter’s tape. It just didn’t grip to the wall properly and kept curling and falling off.


Apart from painting, ScotchBlue has proven to be incredibly useful in other areas too. It works great with no issues, making it perfect for crafts. I’ve used it for labeling plastic containers, creating temporary hold-downs for my CNC machine, and even as a chip clip. To make a chip clip, I simply fold a 3-inch strip of tape over one end, leaving a 1/2-inch opening that can be easily opened and closed until the chips are gone. It also sticks to wood without marring the finish, making it ideal for various woodworking projects.


I did have one minor issue when the rolls of tape arrived stuck together, requiring some effort to separate them. The glue residue on the sides of the tape was a bit messy, but it didn’t affect the tape’s performance once applied or during removal. As for durability, I’ve noticed that sometimes the tape tears in half when pulling it off, which can be a bit frustrating.

Painter's Tape


Q: Will JB Weld hold a small piece of metal fuel port from a carburetor in a horizontal position until it sets? Or will gravity cause it to detach? It has a 4-6 hour set time. (Question from JB Weld Vs Gorilla Glue JB Weld Vs Gorilla Glue)

A: If there is weight pulling on it, it might slip. I recommend using painter’s tape to hold it in place until it hardens. Avoid starting or operating the vehicle until the adhesive has fully set. However, if the piece will come into contact with fuel, this adhesive may not be suitable.

Q: Can Painter’s Tape be applied to mirrors for painting the frame?

A: Yes, it is suitable for use on glass surfaces, including mirrors.

Q: Does it work effectively on cold windows?

A: Absolutely. To ensure optimal performance, make sure the windows are dry and clean in the area where you plan to apply the tape. Paint around the windows as soon as possible. You can use a plastic putty knife to gently press the tape along the edges, being cautious not to apply too much pressure. Remember to remove the tape within the recommended timeframe.

Q: Is this tape acid-free?

A: Certainly! It is acid-free and proudly manufactured in St. Paul, MN.

Q: Does this tape contain latex rubber? The label mentions rubber but not the specific type.

A: Thank you for your question. This product does not intentionally contain latex. Instead, it is made with a synthetic acrylic adhesive.

Q: Can this tape be used to secure trash bins on windy days?

A: Certainly! This tape serves its purpose of securely taping down trash bin lids. However, its effectiveness may depend on the intensity of the wind.

Q: Does this product emit a strong adhesive odor? Many tapes have such odors nowadays.

A: No, the tape I purchased does not have any noticeable odor.

Q: Can this tape be applied to a laptop screen?

A: No, it is not recommended to use this tape on a laptop screen. T8000 vs. T7000 is a better choice.

Q: Can this tape be used on stretched canvases or mixed media paper?

A: While this tape may adhere to canvas, it is important to note that it may not provide clean lines upon removal. When using it on paper, be cautious as it may damage less sturdy paper surfaces during removal.

Q: Would Blue Tape be suitable for car rims? If not, do you have any recommendations?

A: Blue Tape is primarily a masking tape used for paint jobs and artistic purposes. I am not certain about its suitability for car rims.