March 16, 2024 12:17 am

I’m mounting a new 5-25×56 scope on my Tikka T3x CTR in .300 Win Mag. Plan is to use blue Loctite 242 on the base screws, but wondering about the ring screws.

With the decent recoil from the .300 WM, should I also use a small amount of blue Loctite on the 6 ring screws per ring? Or will properly torquing them to spec (15-18 in-lbs) be enough without Loctite?

Have seen arguments both ways – some say the Loctite helps prevent loosening, others say it’s unnecessary if mounted right. What does the experience say for a higher recoiling rifle like this? Thanks!

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  • For that big of a scope on a .300 WM, I’d definitely use blue Loctite on the ring screws too. Just a small dab is all you need, don’t soak the threads.

    Loctite 242

    The Loctite 242 lets you torque a bit less than dry since it provides lubrication.

    Use Loctite 242 on loose screws

    Maybe 10-12 in-lbs instead of 15-18 dry. Helps prevent the screws from working loose over time with the recoil.

    I’ve mounted scopes without Loctite before and had some rings slowly loosen up after a couple hundred rounds on harder kicking rifles. The blue Loctite is just a little extra insurance policy.

    Let it cure properly before shooting and you shouldn’t have any issues removing the rings down the road if needed with a little heat. That’s been my experience at least.

  • I agree, you MUST use Loctite on the ring screws. Just remember, that your torque rating will go much higher because the screws are lubricated with the “wet” Loctite. So that means use less torque or you could damage the scope body. Oh, and use the blue colored Loctite.

  • I have used Loctite 222 on various applications, particularly for mounting scope rings on my rifles. It creates a secure lock that holds tight without any issues of scopes or rings coming loose. Furthermore, it can be easily removed if the need arises. The large bottle I received is more than enough for my needs, and I even refilled my smaller container, generously sharing the remaining Loctite with friends at a local gun store.

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